Welcome to Tall Trees Studio

The world is full of beauty if you look with open eyes and an open mind. I am fascinated by colour and how it all changes with the weather, time of day and even my own mood. Art has been the main part of my life in one form or another. There are so many different ways to be an artists besides the traditional concept that most people think of as being an Artist. I seriously believe that every single person on this planet is capable of being a creative person on one level or another.

Creativity is the soul of our human race. Sadly this is not recognized by the majority of people and most take for granted the style of the chair they sit on each day or the colour of the pen they hold to write a letter. Everything we see in our commercial environment was created by someone having the concept, idea, and means to produce the product and get it out to the public.

We are all artist deep inside. Who doesn’t like a beautiful sunset or the view of majestic mountains, the wonder of geese flying overhead in formation, being amazed by the changing seasons and watching the weather flow past your window? All are beautiful things to stop and gaze, love and cherish.

Be an artist yourself, stop, watch, admire, and bask in the wonder of our earth.

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