Artist CV

Mitzi Pappas Smyth
Professional Development

1970 Lakenheath American High School
Brandon, Suffolk

Grade 12 Matriculation
1970-1974 Truman State University, Missouri
Major in Fine Arts

1977 – 79 Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NFLD
Completed courses for grade five teaching certificate

1975 – 2000 Employed with Avalon School Board
MacDonald Drive Junior High
Art Instructor: Grades 7, 8, and 9

Work Shops:
Ottis Tamasaucas:  Introduction to Lithography
Bill Riche:  Lithography
Bill Biche:  Plate Lithography
Jerry Evans: Intermediate Lithography
Elana Popova: Monoprint
Silvia Bendza: Beginners Etching
Jennifer Morgan: Green Etching
Jennifer Morgan: Hard wood block printing

Mural work
Assisted students, after school, to create nine murals at Macdonald Drive Junior High. Students worked on murals under my supervision. These murals range from 9′ x 15′, the smallest being approximately 4′ x 4’. All the murals were created by students with the exception of two.

Completed Mural for “The Gym” Which was located on Elizabeth Avenue. This mural has since been destroyed.

Mural created for “Quintanas & Aribas Mexican Restaurant”. This mural depicts the rural atmosphere of Southern Texas and Mexico. The restaurant was sold but the new owner loves the mural.

Exhibitions: M. Pappas Smyth

St. Michael’s Printshop:
2001 – “Cod” Gouache – Illustration for playing card. Second edition of Collectors Cards.

RCA Gallery:
2005 – “Colour and Form”: “Sunflower Encrypted”
2006 – “Cultural Barometer: A Statement on the State of the Arts in Newfoundland and Labrador”
“The Girls” Oil on Canvas mounted on masonite 3′ x 2’

Spurrell Gallery:
2006 – Solo Exhibition – November “A Breath of Summer ”

A1C (formally known as RCA Gallery) inaugural members show:
2008 – Gordon Lauren curated:
“Connections” Mixed Media on Canvas 24″ x 24″
“Lupins” Mixed Media on Canvas 24″ x 24″

Botanical Gardens (Members Show Exhibition and Sale):
2008- “Valentine Roses” Oil on paper 12″ x 24”, ”In a Fog” Oil Pastel on paper 9″ x 12″
2009- Botanical Gardens: Orchids- Botanical Gardens: Alpine Plants
2010 – Botanical Gardens: Small Watercolours

2008 – Artisans Inn, Trinity (Group Show):
Brenda Rowe Bartlett, Ruby Beaumont, Mitzi Pappas Smyth.
Exhibition and Sale of work September.

Craft Council:
2005 – Juried – Sharon LeRiche: Christmas Exhibition – “We Three Kings”
2011 – Juried – Sharon LeRiche: November – Members Show: “The Deep Blue Sea”
2013 – Juried – Sharon LeRiche: Christmas Exhibition: “Embroidery I”, “Embroidery 2”
2015 – Juried – Sharon LeRiche: Spring Show: “Summer Forget Me Nots”
2016 – Juried – Sharon LeRiche: Memorial on the 100th WWI Beaumont Hamel
“Forget Me Not”
2017 – Juried – Sharon LeRiche: Spring Craft Show: “Chasing Dragonflies”,
“Spring Chickadee”, “Watching Butterflies”

Mitzi Pappas Smyth
Eastern Edge Gallery:
2009 – Members Show: “Oblivious”
2011 – The Camp Kitsch Cheese Show: “WagonWheelShag”

Five Island Gallery:
2015 – Fisheries Moratorium: “What Code? Where?”
2016 – Resettlement: “Between the Wind and the Water”

Solo Exhibition:
2019 – Two Whales Cafe in Port Rexton: Solo show “Community”
2018 – Arts and Culture Center, November: Group Show Sale and Exhibition

Professional Involvement:
Past Member of the Board for Visual Arts of Newfoundland and Labrador
Past Member of the Board for St. Michael’s Printshop
Past Chairperson on the Board of St. Michael’s Printshop
Past VANL Newsletter Coordinator 2000 – 2002

The Woman’s Invitational Golf Tournament: Bally Haly

In honour of Jackie Goss. I have donated over twenty pieces of work to commemorate her life since 1995. Ms. Goss was a close friend of mine who passed away due to breast cancer.

Publications: M. Pappas Smyth

VANL Newsletter: Volume 5, Issue 7, November 1999
The Town Cryer: Volume I, Issue 29, May17 – May 24 2005
CBC Radio: Interview with Angela Antle, August 23, 2008


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